Some generated Pixls!

Welcome to the world of Pixls.

A completely digital town, inhabited by people, animals and other oddities that love nothing more than to bounce in place forever. Started out of a love for pixelart, Pixls are NFTs carefully crafted in the nostalgic style of the video games of the past. These little critters are one big dysfunctional community in a glorious digital world. With their own backstories, traits and personalities they truly are all unique inhabitants of the little town of Pixlton on the blockchain.

A Peek At Some Randomized Pixls

CRTs rock!


As a kid of the 80s and early 90s I grew up on graphics consisting of tiny little squares. In modern video games these kinds of graphics would scare people. But, even though they were just squares, the amount of creativity game developers managed to squeeze out of them back in the day is impressive. A few correctly placed squares conveyed all kinds of emotions. There's a reason that a lot of these games are still considered classics in their own right, being remastered over the years to inspire new generations of people just like me.

This project started as an hommage to, and out of a love for that pixelart style. That love is at the core of the Pixl project. Before you is the result of an intense labour of drawing up copious amounts of pixel art assets and coding an algorithm around it that forms some truly unique characters. Making other people smile over some of the silly, quirky things coming out of this project makes that effort all worth it though.

The Team

Oh man. This is embarrassing. There is no I in "team", but there is one in Pixls. It's just me and my lovable little Pixls trying to do our best in this dysfunctional little world.

Cookie Creative developer, active in crypto since 2017, tagging along for the previous bullmarket and riding it down back into his own semi functional mess. After having been around for a few years one could say he's had his fair share of oddities in the crypto space. Most of which have now served as inspiration for some of the things happening in the Pixl world.